English Tutor

Why Choose Our English Tutors?

Having a confident command of English language is absolutely key for academic success across a range of school subjects.

At Key Stage One, English lays the foundation for effective communication and literacy skills, shaping young minds into confident and expressive learners.

At Key Stage Two, children are required to meet a challenging standard in terms of their reading comprehension ability and fluency in grammar, punctuation and spelling to be considered ‘secondary ready’.


At Key Stages Three and Four, students must quickly become confident in analysing tough literary heritage texts as well as mastering writing in a range of fiction and non-fiction genres.  Without a good pass at GCSE, young people’s options are limited in further education and employment.

Across the country, schools are currently struggling with a recruitment crisis and often lack the capacity to ensure that their students are properly prepared.

That’s where our English tutors come in!

With decades of experience and a track record of excellent results in helping hundreds of local young people to realise their potential, our English tutors quickly diagnose gaps in children’s knowledge, and apply the remedy: rigorous, engaging and fun small-group tuition sessions that are personalised and take the stress out of learning. 

Research demonstrates that by far the most significant driver of student progress is frequent, high-quality feedback. Our small-group sessions provide the close support needed for academic success!

Do get in touch and let us help you ensure that your child is on the right track for the future that they deserve!