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Back to School – Does your child need to catch up?

Why Choose Our English Tutors?

I’m sure you’ll agree that English Language is the most important subject children study at school?


Mastering English is the key to success at school and beyond because without a command of English Language, children fail to reach the government’s expected standards in reading and writing.


More importantly, they are prevented from accessing other subjects on the Curriculum and they cannot progress onto further education without passing an English Language GCSE. 

Given its huge importance, you would think that our schools are working hard to make sure that every child succeeds in English, right? …Wrong! 

In 2019, 35% of 11-year-olds failed to reach the government’s expected standard in reading and writing? Consequently, these children were not ready to deal with the challenges of secondary education – a shocking statistic, I’m sure you’ll agree?

Even more alarming, are last year’s GCSE results. In 2019, one third of 16-year-olds failed English GCSE despite having spent more than a decade at school? School closures caused by Covid-19 will almost certainly worsen this statistic!

The ‘forgotten third’ is one of the biggest scandals in education!

At A Star Tuition Group, we are on a mission to ensure that no child is forgotten!

Our hugely enjoyable online sessions are designed to engage young learners, from Y2 to Y5, who need support with reading and writing. Our SATs Booster sessions help pupils in Y6 achieve the best possible SATs results, providing them with a solid platform for transition to secondary education.

By delivering high quality online lessons that are aligned with the National Curriculum, we can fill any gaps in your child’s knowledge or understanding, before they become problematic. As they master new skills, we continually tailor their learning targets, ensuring pupils who have fallen behind catch up and even get ahead!


Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on our children’s education! In fact, some experts believe many children have fallen behind and may never catch up! We can help.

We have a team of expert English teachers who are ready to help your child catch up and even get ahead. Don’t leave it until exams are looming – by taking action to fill any gaps now, you will set your child on the right path to GCSE success in 2021!

Contact us today to get your child the support they need NOW to succeed in the exams they will take in the FUTURE!