Does My Child Need Online Tutoring?

We often get asked by parents if their child needs online tutoring, especially for those considering completing the 11-plus exam or moving on to further education. With the rise of free online learning resources and a plethora of exam revision resources, the expense of a private online tutor might not seem necessary.

The alarming fact is that studies are finding that over a third of our children are failing to reach the government’s expected standard in reading and writing. In 2019 alone third of 16-year-olds failed GCSE English, with students risking falling behind in crucial subjects for further education. 

Even the brightest students benefit from a head start when working with a private tutor. However, it’s a myth that online tutoring is just for students who might fall behind or need extra help. There are many reasons your child can benefit from working with a tutor.

In this guide to accessing your child’s learning needs, we will share the pros and cons of working with an online tutor and how it can prepare them for GCSE exams, the 11 Plus or any future academic study they go on to do.

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Why study online?

It feels like a lifetime ago that schools across the UK conducted lessons almost entirely online. Remote schooling during the pandemic brought a new perspective to online study as children of every school-age met with their teachers and peers from the comfort of their homes.

Not only did this new era of online education prove it could work, but online lessons have also benefited children from all stages of learning to engage with subjects more interactively and creatively. 

The next generation of students is not only tech-savvy but will likely rely on their online communications skills in many future jobs.

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What does an online tutor do?

Qualified tutors provide tailored, interactive, and engaging extra study time to facilitate fast progress for your child’s learning journey.

A tutor will access and understand your child’s learning style, so their learning programme can be tailored to suit them. Most sessions run for an hour and include additional homework to complete between classes.

Whether a child loves learning or finds it hard to stay focused, the best online tutors will craft an engaging class to keep them excited, interested and, more importantly, absorbing new information!

Here at A Star Tuition, we pride ourselves on providing the following:

·      A tailored learning programme designed to enable your child to meet their targets

·      Regular feedback, highlighting achievements and agreeing on new targets

·      Homework tasks after every session, designed to reinforce new learning

•	Online Tuition Offers The Opportunity To Access High-Quality Tutors And Flexible Sessions

Who Needs Online Lessons?

So, you might wonder, “does my child need online tutoring?”. When weighing up your child’s gifts and aspirations for their future, you may have spotted already some areas which need extra support or nurturing to grow their potential.

Online tutoring can improve performance when a child is falling behind and help them flourish in areas where they already excel.

Your child may benefit from an online tutor if they are:

1.     Identified as having a drop in grades on a school report

2.     Struggling with a specific GCSE subject

3.     Lacking confidence after a low exam grade

4.     Wanting their A-level grades to be a match for UCAS offers.

5.     Trying to catch up after time away due to illness

6.     Diagnosed or suspected of a specific learning condition

7.     Aged seven and ready to prepare for SATs and school assessments.

8.     Aged nine or ten and ready to prepare for entry, at 11+, to the local grammar school or selective independent school.

9.     Aged ten or eleven and want to boost basic maths or English

•	Experienced Online Tutors Can Provide Tutoring Sessions To Help Students Improve their English Language and Literature

Who doesn’t need online tuition?

Though we truly believe every child can benefit from online tutoring, occasionally, extra tuition might not be suitable for your child.

A few reasons your child might not be ready or in need of private tuition are:

Too Young

Get them young, they say! But there is such a thing as being too young to tutor. As schools do not test children under 5, there is no need to cut into their playtime by introducing education too early. Consider opting for educational play instead.

Healthy Habits

You may suspect school performance is impacted by nutrition, screen time or family commitments. A few healthy tweaks in their environment can help your child fall back into a good study routine.

Academic Overwhelm

Your child may already be overwhelmed with extra circular activities. If your child struggles to focus because they have too many after-school activities, it may be worth building in more free time for your child to be free to play. Studies show that lack of rest and play can affect academic results in children just as much as lack of study.

•	Our Qualified Tutors Offer Tutoring Services Which Cover Core Subjects To Prepare For Grammar School and University

KS1 – KS2, SATs, 11 Plus, GCSE and A Level Online Tutors

A Star Tuition Group has a wide offering of enjoyable, online programmes that deliver results!

Our KS1 and KS2 programmes are designed to engage young learners, from Y2 to Y5, who need support with English and maths. 

Our Y6 Programme enables students to achieve the best possible SATs results, providing them with a solid platform for transition to secondary education.

We are experts in 11+ / entrance exams & deliver programmes for a wide range of grammar schools including Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar, Bury Grammar, Bolton School, Clitheroe and Trafford Consortium. 

Our talented team of fully qualified secondary teachers deliver online English, maths and language programmes for older students from Y7 to Y13, with outstanding results! 

By delivering high-quality, online lessons, aligned with the National Curriculum, we can fill gaps in your child’s knowledge or understanding before they become problematic. As they master new skills, we continually tailor their learning targets, ensuring students who have fallen behind catch up, and even get ahead!