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Maths Tutor

Back to School – Does your child need to catch up?

Why Choose Our Maths Tutors?

There are several reasons you might be considering maths tuition:-

  • Support for a child who is behind or lacks confidence
  • Exam preparation including SATs, 11 Plus or GCSE
  • Extension work for more able children

Whatever the reason you can be sure that we provide maths tuition that delivers rapid results!

At A Star Tuition Group, we understand that maths can be one of the most challenging subjects for children to master. Sadly, many children leave school failing to do just that and with a negative perception of maths that can last a lifetime!

Did you know that in 2019, one third of 16-year-olds failed GCSE maths despite having spent more than a decade at school? That’s around 170,000 pupils – almost 1 in 3 sitting the exam!

The ‘forgotten third’ is one of the biggest scandals in education!

At A Star Tuition Group, we are on a mission to ensure that no child is ‘forgotten’!

From Key Stage 1 onwards, we work very hard to foster an enjoyment of maths by making all our maths lessons fun, interactive and engaging. After all, when children are having fun, they learn faster! At the same time, we follow the National Curriculum and the methods your child is being taught in school, so that they are able to thrive inside and outside the classroom.

Our GCSE maths teacher has an MSc in mathematics and has been teaching small groups since 1996, so he’s one of the most experienced and best qualified tutors in Bury! Mark has the experience and expertise to prepare your child for their exams. Mark provides accurate feedback on answers to GCSE examination questions, thus allowing students to focus on filling the gaps in their knowledge and skills.

From Key Stage 1 all the way to GCSE maths, our expert team will ensure your child loves maths and can pass their exams with flying colours!