Prepare for this year’s GCSE’s!

It’s a shocking statistic that more than a third of students failed to pass GCSEs in English and Maths last summer.

In other words, 35.6% of students did not achieve a pass grade 4 standard pass or above. According to TES, more than a third of students resitting their English and Maths GCSEs fared worse than on the previous time they sat the qualification – a higher proportion than managed to improve their grade.

Those are some pretty dire statistics.

With the average class size continuing to increase, coupled with the fact that more and more schools are closing early due to cutbacks (including our local high school Woodhey), many parents will understandably have concerns about the implications for potential exam success.

Tackling the Issue

Tuition is a trusted method of improving performance at GCSE which is good to know, given these exams have become more competitive than ever. Additionally, results are considered to be an indicator of the student’s capabilities at A- and subsequently degree level. The reality is that a great deal rides upon GCSE grades.

The point at which children begin tuition sessions will vary according to their needs and prospective exam dates, but at A Star Tuition Group we’d urge parents considering this option not to delay. Good timing facilitates the opportunity for tutor and child to build a trusting relationship and for a structured, individualised programme which supports the student’s learning to be implemented.

If a student comes to us who is underperforming, our initial assessment will establish whether this is down to a lack of subject content knowledge or poor exam technique. Where a child is having problems, we can ascertain which method is taught at their school before deciding either to; focus on ways of improving their skills using the existing method, or whether to adopt a new method more likely to promote progress.

Motivational Methods

We’ve recently been joined by Amy Halliday who has come on board to teach GCSE English to pupils who need a helping hand. She says:

“The figures are, quite frankly, shocking. Pupils are being failed by the system – funding is being cut, classes are getting bigger and teachers are under more pressure. Students who fail to achieve grade 4 in English Language are not allowed on their chosen course and are forced to keep re-sitting the exam until they pass. However, with early intervention we know that pupils can be guided and supported to achieve their full potential.”

A useful indicator for parents is seeing their child’s attitude to work changing. In a relaxed learning environment, motivation can flourish as resistance to homework is superseded by enthusiasm.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, we’ve seen an upsurge in demand for our services as more parents than ever seek academic support to boost their child’s confidence as well as their grades.

So don’t delay – get in touch with A Star Tuition Group today to learn how we can help to secure your child’s future.