The Great GCSE Debate

The awarding of this year’s GCSE results in the midst of the pandemic which had already impacted drastically on students’ learning and preparation, not only led to a huge furore but has sparked a debate around whether GCSEs should be scrapped altogether. Avoiding the same uncertainty with results in 2021 is clearly a top priority […]

Returning to School in September

Going back to school in September always feels like the beginning of a new chapter but this year will no doubt seem especially momentous for the vast number of children who last stepped into their classroom all those months ago back in March. For those pupils who briefly attended at the end of the summer […]

Keeping up with Education in Lockdown

There’s no denying that the need for home schooling has placed an additional ‘burden’ of responsibility on parents as well as impacting dramatically upon children’s social life and learning. While most schools have sought to reassure families that there is no expectation to deliver the curriculum as though every parent was a qualified teacher, there […]

Not A Level Playing Field

It’s still early days with regards to lockdown and uncertainty remains as to when schools will re-open for all pupils rather than only for the children of essential-workers. As home-learning becomes the new normal for the foreseeable future, teachers have sought to reassure parents that they are not expected to become educational experts overnight. The […]

Keeping Children Focussed During Lockdown

Whether we embraced the idea of home-schooling our children when lockdown was announced or felt completely daunted by the prospect, it’s probable that hurdles will arise along the way – however good our intentions. Challenges are likely to include keeping the children focussed, particularly when they are surrounded by the distractions of home instead of […]

Prepare for this year’s GCSE’s!

It’s a shocking statistic that more than a third of students failed to pass GCSEs in English and Maths last summer. In other words, 35.6% of students did not achieve a pass grade 4 standard pass or above. According to TES, more than a third of students resitting their English and Maths GCSEs fared worse […]

Promoting Positive Wellbeing for Children

children exercise healthy

School days are said to be the best days of our lives but the reality is that for many children, school can prove to be a stressful experience. At A Star Tuition Group, the emotional wellbeing of our pupils is our top priority. We understand that children today face a magnitude of pressure and from […]

Avoiding ‘Brain Drain’ in the Christmas Holidays

avoid brain drain in holidays

Most parents would agree that their kids need a break from the usual routine to unwind and have fun during the Christmas holidays. But, given the evidence that some pupils will experience setbacks in their maths and reading ability after just one week away from school, it stands to reason to consider ways of keeping […]

Board Game Blog

Board Games are the perfect antidote to tech for engaging young minds-to the point where kids will be participating in a learning opportunity without even realising it. And with the focus on family and friends getting together, Christmas is the ideal time to have everyone-children and grown-ups alike-join in some traditional festive fun. Scrabble Scrabble is […]

SATs 2019 – A Guide for Parents

At the end of Year 6 (in May), children sit SATs (standard assessment tests) in: Reading Maths Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG) SATs are both set and marked externally, and the results are used to measure the school’s performance (for example, through reporting to Ofsted and published league tables). Your child’s marks will be used […]