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Working With Special Educational Needs & Learning Difficulties

Special Educational Needs & Learning Difficulties

For many children, life at school is a daily struggle. Children may have difficulties with concentration, co-ordination, motor skills, phonological processing or memory to name just a few. This can have a hugely negative impact on their self-esteem, confidence and learning!

We have a fully qualified Psychologist with an in-depth knowledge of learning difficulties and learning styles. She can support children with a diagnosed or suspected Special Educational Need (SEN) such as dyslexia, dyspraxia or dyscalculia and tailors each child’s learning programme to enable them to overcome their difficulties.

You may be waiting for the Special needs co-ordinator, Occupational Health or an educational psychologist to assess your child and looking for ways to help them in the meantime – at A Star Tuition Group we can support you during this stressful time.

This is Jack’s Story as told by his mum, Lisa…

“Jack has struggled with his English for a number of years now. We have flagged things up at school, who have been dismissed and nothing really happened until early in year 4. One day it was highlighted to me that he was doing year 2 phonics work in year 4. Immediately I felt I had to step in and try to help him. Whilst pushing school to intervene, I looked into getting him a private tutor. That’s when I came across Helen’s A Star Tuition Group website. I had looked at some of the more commercial companies but wasn’t very keen as they didn’t seem very personable. I emailed Helen and she called me to discuss what she could offer and what it was I required. We had a fantastic chat and discussed what Jack needed and the problems he had been having.

It was then time for us to meet Helen and Jack to have a little assessment to see what he needed. We arrived and Jack settled in very quickly to the session with Helen. I could hear him reading and doing some spellings, he seemed comfortable and confident. This was great to hear and I knew Helen was the one for us!

Jack has now been going for lessons for just over a year, he is in a small group and they just bounce off each other. The progress Jack has made with his English and Maths is fantastic! He does homework now without the battles we used to have. He enjoys going to Helen’s every week and never asks to miss a lesson.

We have just received the results of an assessment for Dyslexia which confirms everything we had thought. So whilst school haven’t been helping him as much as they could over the last 12 months, the work with A Star Tuition Group has been invaluable to Jack. It’s really helped him improve his reading, writing and spelling.

He has made a huge amount of progress and we have been able to measure that. We have now aligned his additional work and school work a little so he is working on the right spellings for his ability and school are now starting to accommodate his writing issues whilst Helen helps him with his handwriting skills.

From a parents perspective, Helen has been an invaluable teacher for Jack. She has been just what he needed as she boosts his confidence and pushes him all the time. The classes are pitched at the right level for him – not too easy not too hard and Jack really enjoys Helen’s style of teaching. I couldn’t recommend A Star Tuition Group enough, especially if you have a child who is struggling in school and needs a boost to help them catch up. I know Jack will be attending until he no longer needs that boost and feel confident Helen will continue to push him and support him on his journey through school and working out his own strategies to deal with his Dyslexia.”

Jack's Letter

“Jack was behind in reading, spelling and writing so he needed some extra help to catch up. Jack has been attending A Star Tuition Group once per week for about 9 months and he has already learned so much more than he has been learning at school. Helen is a fantastic teacher. Her teaching style is excellent and Jack loves going to class and doing his homework, which was a battle before he started! I know we will continue Jack’s tuition as long as he needs help and feel confident that A Star Tuition Group can get him through SATs and high school too.”

How can A Star Tuition Group nurture my able child?

Your child will work at a pace that’s right for them, allowing them to progress more quickly through the National Curriculum and be introduced to new topics that can accelerate their learning and help them excel academically.

For those who typically get bored and are not sufficiently challenged, we endeavour to switch them back onto learning! At A Star Tuition Group we don’t simply impart knowledge – we equip children with the skills and positive attitude they need for lifelong learning.

​​​​​​​We achieve this by broadening their academic understanding, encouraging problem solving and an investigative attitude.

Above all, we nurture their curiosity and love for learning because our pupils have fun, make new friends and genuinely enjoy attending the sessions!

This is DOTTY’S story as told by her mum, SARAH…

“Dotty is a bright, summerborn 9 year old, who is cheerful and enjoys lots of hobbies. During the autumn term of year 4 we noticed that she was drifting, producing work with lots of errors, and generally losing her appetite for learning. Her school mixes year groups by age, and she was for the first time placed in a class where half the children were younger. We realised that she was becoming bored, tuning out, and not feeling challenged.

A friend recommended Helen to us, as someone who teaches kids how to learn, motivates them and makes them excited about learning discovery.

From the first few weeks Helen’s classes became a highlight of her week. Dotty would prioritise them over sports, dancing or other hobbies, and her attitude to learning at whatever she did showed a marked difference. She became happier at school, and started to see faster progress in many other hobbies too. When we ask what she does in class, Dotty often says, “played some fun games, did puzzles, laughed, talked about a great story etc”, but when I look at what she’s done, they’ve clearly worked hard on learning skills and competencies.

Helen’s gift is to make it fun – as Dot says about Helen – She’s like Mary Poppins – strict but fun, and maybe a big magical too!”

Dotty's Mum Sarah Says...

“My daughter was becoming bored and disengaged from learning. Helen has inspired and reinvigorated a curiosity and love of learning, that is positively affecting her attitude to learning at school and other activities.

She sees attending Helen’s sessions as a treat and is full of enthusiasm for what she does in them. Helen doesn’t just impart knowledge, she equips kids with the skills and attitude they need for lifelong learning.”