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๐ŸŽ‰ A Symphony of Success:
Celebrating Year 6 SATs Programme Excellence for the 16th year running!

Join our jubilant celebration!ย 
In 2023, every single one of our Year 6 students surpassed expectations, marking another year of outstanding achievement for A Star Tuition Group!
The dedication, resilience, and passion of the students taking part in our popular Year 6 SATs Programme have set a new standard of brilliance. 100% of the students achieved results well above the expected standard. Their achievements are not just numbers, they are the melody of a symphony composed by dedication and ambition.
A resounding cheer also for their guiding light, Helen! With unwavering dedication, she led our students through their SATs journey, inspiring them to reach unprecedented heights. Every single Year 6 student has soared past expectations, showcasing Helen’s exceptional mentorship.
Join us in celebrating these remarkable achievements and the incredible impact of a dedicated teacher. Together, we’re shaping futures and creating stars!ย 

Celebrating Outstanding 2023 GCSE Results!

At A Star Tuition Group, we believe in celebrating success and this year’s outstanding GCSE results are definitely something to shout about!

Our dedicated and talented GCSE students have truly delivered impressive results this year. It is fair to say that their hard word, 100% commitment and resilience have truly paid off, and we couldn’t be prouder of their achievements!

Many students demonstrated significant progress and improvement from their baseline assessments, a testament to their dedication and the support provided by our dedicated teachers and wonderful learning community.

Overall Pass Rate

We are delighted to report that more than 89% of our GCSE students achieved a grade 5 or above. Our students excelled in various subjects, with notable achievements in Maths and English.

The Top Achievers in Maths are:

  • George Hallsworth (7)
  • David Trueman (7)
  • Summer (6)
  • Daisy Lou Buckley (5)


The Top Achievers in English are:

  • Haaris Mahmood – English Language (6) English Literature (7)
  • Jasmine Taylor – English Literature (7) English Language (5)

Once again, we would like to extend our heartfelt congratulations to all our GCSE students for their outstanding achievements and we encourage them to continue their educational journey with the same enthusiasm and determination.ย 

For those progressing onto apprenticeships, we wish you the best of luck, and weย are confident that you will continue to shine in your chosen career!

If you are curious about how our GCSE Programmes could benefit your own child, please contact us to arrange a FREE GCSE Success Session!

BRGS Results โ€“ 2022

Our incredible pupils have once again done tremendously well in their 11+ examinations!

We congratulate them all and send our best wishes for the future.

Zachery smiling whilst holding a baby, with a curious dog in the background


Zachery passed the exam with an amazing score of 121.09 – what a clever boy! Zachery will begin his BRGS journey this September & his parents are over-the-moon!
Aytron making a sandcastle on the beach


Ayrton and his family are celebrating his fantastic exam results. After a short run-up, Ayrton smashed the 11+ with an amazing score of 115.83 – superb! Ayrton begins his BRGS journey in September 23.
Stanley stood in a park beaming with pride


Stanley has accepted a place at BRGS after passing the entrance exam with an impressive score of 110 – well done! Congratulations Stanley – we’re super proud!
Ellie with a very proud smile


Ellie is one of our highest-scoring students. She achieved an incredible 133 in the entrance exam – 32 points above the pass mark! Wow! That’s a magnificent achievement!
Inaya posing in front of her front door, wearing a Disney's Stitch-themed jumper


Inaya is a determined student, who managed to beat off stiff competition from other candidates outside the catchment, to earn a place at BRGS. Inaya scored 117.46 and we’re extremely happy!
Musa with a cool smile sat on an armchair


Musa is a focussed, hard-working student who deserves his place at BRGS, having passed the entrance exam with a terrific score of 102.88. Now, that’s a result!
Kiera posing with a lovely smile


Kiera and her family are celebrating after she passed the 11+ exam with a high score of 113 – not easy for such a tricky test! We’re confident Kiera will continue her success at the grammar school and we wish her well.
Abigail smiling in her school uniform in front of her family garden


Abigail is a bright, conscientious student, so we aren’t surprised she smashed the 11+ exam with a fantastic score of 112.2 – result! We’d like to wish Abigail continued success at BRGS!
Jack wearing a huge grin


Jack is one of our best scorers, with an outstanding 129.57. He is very hard working and always gives his best, so we’re not surprised Jack beat off stiff competition to win his place at a top grammar school.
Sophia posing with a cake that reads "Well Done Sophia!"


Sophia has achieved a fabulous score of 114.14 – clearly, the entrance exam was a walk-in-the-park for this student! Wishing you all the best at BRGS Sophia!
Jake sitting side-by-side with his dog Winston


Jake and his family (including Winston, the dog) are officially on Cloud-9, after scooping a sought-after place at BRGS. Jake is one of our highest, ranking students, having passed with an amazing score of 132.28 – congratulations!
Sam smiling in front of his Christmas tree


Sam absolutely smashed the entrance exam with a whopping score of 118.73. Now that’s a result! We’re super proud of you Sam!

New Year 7 Starters โ€“ 2022

This year’s students are ready to set out on their path to success at their respective grammar schools.

Best wishes to all of them!







BRGS New Year 7s โ€“ 2021

Here are some of our successful students at the start of their grammar school journey.

We wish them all happiness & success!

Zac in new uniform


James in new uniform


Freya in new uniform


Ava in new uniform


A Kind Message From a Proud Mum!

“A massive thank you to A Star Tuition Group, especially Arun and Natasha, who enabled Elizabeth Murphy (aka Lily) to achieve a grade 9 in Maths, an 8 in English Literature and a grade 7 in English Language. This girl did amazing!”

–ย  Catherine

BRGS Results โ€“ 2020

Once again our fantastic pupils have done tremendously well in their 11+ examination!

We congratulate them all and send our best wishes for the future.

Area 1



James scored a fantastic 111.02, way above the required standard. Well done James!
Umair With Certificate


Our hard-working student, Umair, passed the BRGS entrance exam by achieving a score of 103.71!ย  Umair has lots to look forward to, and he continues to work hard, to make sure heโ€™s ready to make the transition to grammar school in September. Youโ€™re an A Star superstar Umair!
Amelie With Certificate


Super proud of clever student, Amelie, who smashed the BRGS Entrance Exam with an outstanding score of 118.43 – well above the pass mark! Congratulations Amelie & good luck at BRGS!
Ava With Certificate


Hats off to Ava Hughes, who’s had an absolutely fantastic, academic year! This A Star student smashed the BRGS Entrance Exam, with a massive score of 122.23, and she reached the semi-finals of a prestigious, national, writing competition as well! Congratulations Ava – we couldnโ€™t be prouder!

Area 2



Scarlett Turner has much to celebrate, having beaten off stiff competition, to win a place at BRGS with an outstanding score of 110.67 – well above the pass mark! Not content with that high achievement, Scarlett has just won the accolade of โ€˜Best Poemโ€™ in our Christmas Writing Competition, with an original poem called โ€˜The Christmas Spiritโ€™. What a fantastic year!ย ๐ŸŽ‰๐Ÿฅณ



Meet Freya, one of our BRGS superstars! Our top scorer, Freya achieved a staggering 124.47 in the entrance exam – 23.55 marks about the pass mark! We are super proud of Freya and all the other children in the class of 2020!ย 

Area 3



Isabelle has lots to look forward to in 2021 as sheโ€™s just secured her place at Bacup & Rawtenstall Grammar School. Getting a place from area 3 isnโ€™t easy, however a very high score of 117.4 did the trick! Congratulations Isabelle – Iโ€™m so proud of you!



Zac Grieve has passed the exam with a fantastic score of 111.28 and will start his Grammar School adventure in September! Zac lives in Area 3 and has worked exceptionally hard to achieve his place – Iโ€™m super proud Zac!

BRGS Results โ€“ 2019

The pupils below made the grade in their Entrance Exam & have been offered a place at BRGS.

Many congratulations to them all!ย 

Student Scores

Areas 1 & 2

Area 3

SATS Booster Group Results โ€“ 2019

We are proud to announce our year 6 Sats Booster Group pupils have excelled in SATs again! A massive well done to Freddy, Juliette and Jack, all of whom achieved SATs results that prove every pupil, regardless of their ability, can achieve. Well done to them all & best of luck at secondary school.

Is your child moving up to year 6 in September? If you want us to help them achieve SATs results that reflect their true ability, contact us today.

Picture of Freddy


Picture of Juliette


Picture of Jack


BBC 500 Words Short Story Competition

Three of our amazing pupils have made it all the way to the semi-finals! 

This is a massive achievement given there were over 135,000 entries!

Ava With Certificate

Ava Hughes

Ava Hughes โ€“ย The Boa Constrictor Who Just Wanted To Hug

Lewis Platt

Will He Ever Find His Football?

Ava Sheppard

Adventure Dog

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