School admissions appeals Guide. How to appeal your place.

If your child has just been told that they didn’t get their place in the high school of their choice, then don’t be disheartened – there is still hope. You can take action and appeal the decision. There are tried and tested ways to go about this process, so it’s essential to arm yourself with […]

We Won! Award Winning Tuition Strikes Again

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We are beyond excited to share that our amazing team here at A Star Tuition Group have been recognised for ‘Best KS3 & KS4 Tuition service in Greater Manchester’ at the SME UK Enterprise Awards.

The A Star Tuition Group Awards 2020 – Roll Call!

It’s become an A Star Tuition Group tradition to recognise the success of some of our highest achieving pupils in our very own awards (ASTGA) at the end of each year. This year, we have had to pull out all of the stops to ensure that our students continued to learn and thrive during the […]

Lockdown Learning: A Teacher’s Perspective

The return to school of all pupils in September was viewed by many as an essential step towards restoring normality in the educational life of the UK’s children, and life in general, after months of lockdown as a result of the pandemic. Yet, with ongoing outbreaks around the country, just how smoothly has this process […]

Our BBC 500 Words Stories Have Arrived!

Today, BBC sent us our first 20 stories to judge and we’re very excited to start reading them. Last year, the standard was high, so we’re expecting to be thoroughly entertained ! Very well done to all our pupils who have written wonderful stories this year!Age 5-9 category: Robyn Wolstenholme, Annabel Butterworth, Zak Hashmi, Grace […]