Not A Level Playing Field

It’s still early days with regards to lockdown and uncertainty remains as to when schools will re-open for all pupils rather than only for the children of essential-workers.

As home-learning becomes the new normal for the foreseeable future, teachers have sought to reassure parents that they are not expected to become educational experts overnight. The role of parents has been crucial to the success of the e-learning experiment there.

Homeschooling Hardships

In the UK as in many other countries, the majority of children will have their parents around to help them with their schoolwork. Yet the concern is that if a child’s parent or parents have to go out to work in key roles, or even work from home, the child may be disadvantaged in terms of their learning. We can’t escape the fact that despite their best efforts, children are doing less work overall and their parents are generally not teachers and so cannot help them in the ways professionals are trained to.

This is of course an additional burden on parents to have to take on this responsibility while trying to live their own lives and continue with their jobs, whether from home or in the workplace. As if parental guilt wasn’t widespread enough!

The upshot is that we are living through unprecedented times. Clearly children will receive varying levels of learning support at home and ultimately will return to school having progressed at a different pace to their peers. Those who have not managed to keep up with their learning may well struggle, posing additional challenges for the teaching staff ‘down the line’. In short, while there is talk of pupils all returning to a “level playing field,” in actual fact this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Here to Help

The good news is there is an answer to ensure your child doesn’t fall behind – using a quality tutor during lockdown can prevent this particular scenario from ever arising.

At A Star Tuition Group our live online classes, A Star Online, have been hugely popular with both existing and new pupils – and their parents. The children thrive on the learning and interaction with their peers, while parents are glad of some structure. We now have the capacity to help even more pupils, so please get in touch today!